Givers and Takers

We’ve both had our share of heartaches
And learned to be a bit too careful along the way
I say better safe than sorry
Especially when love’s as rare as gold these days

There’s givers and takers
Lovers and heartbreakers
So take it slow
And be sure you know
There’s winners and losers
Cheaters and users
If you find a heart that’s true
Keep it close to you

We’ve both done our share of crying
There’s a need we’re both denying but you wear it well
I say better safe than sorry
I see that look in your eyes, but honey, it’s hard to tell


You can’t go on forever making the same mistakes
Sooner or later you’ve got to lie in the bed you make


Written by Craig Bickhardt
Copyright 1987 Colgems-EMI Music (ASCAP)