I Will Have Lived Long Enough

The day that he turned 84 he was more like 45
The less time that he had to live, the more he seemed alive
He poured himself a glass of wine and he made himself a toast
Said, “For those of you wonderin’ when I’m giving up the ghost
I ain’t even close…

"If I can’t find a smile when the joke is on me
When I can’t be amazed by life’s mystery
When I can’t get the moon to re-mind me of love
Then I will have lived long enough"

“Now I don’t worry bout the bomb,” he said, “It just don’t do no good.
And I still have a little charm with the ladies, knock on wood
I speak my mind, cause bless my soul, I’m too old to hold my tongue
There may be things that I can’t do like I did when I was young
But old songs still get sung

(Repeat Chorus)

These days when things seem hopeless I can’t help but think of him
The way his eyes would sparkle from a light that glowed within
Some folks just keep growing while others just grow old
So I will try living by the one truth I’ve been told

(Repeat Chorus)

Written By Craig Bickhardt and Paul Nelson
1989 Colgems-EMI Music Inc. Craig Bickhardt (ASCAP), Warner Brothers Music (BMI)