Untasted Honey

I'll be leaving when the sun is on the rise
I can see the sorrow shining deep inside your eyes
But this life that I've been living
Has grown to a routine
So I'm headed for somewhere
I've been in my dreams

Oh, I wanna go where a soul feels alive
And the untasted honey waits in the hive
Yeah, I wanna be where a free spirit thrives
And the untasted honey waits in the hive

You were faithful as a lover and a friend
All the good times and the bad, I'd live them once again
But I'd never be contented
With a family and a ring
Better open your window
I'm a bird on the wing

(Repeat Chorus)

Call it heaven on earth
Call it fools paradise
Gonna find where it's hidden
Even if it takes all my life

(Repeat Chorus)

Written by Craig Bickhardt and Barry Alfonso
Copyright 1986 Colgems-EMI Music (ASCAP)