You Take Me Home

Sometimes I feel like I’m on the moon
Something inside me is out of tune
The water has a funny taste
All the stars are out of place
And I know I don’t belong here

Back home the leaves would be turning now
A gentle snow should be falling down
Here it’s only cold and gray
But I always have a way
Back to where my heart is

You take me home
When you wrap your arms around me
You take me home
To a place where love surrounds me
With a gentle locomotion
You take me home

No one knows my name at the grocery store
They don’t understand what a smile is for
I dream about the place I miss
Till you wake me with a kiss
And I’m as good as going

I don’t need no greyhound station, you take me home
I don’t need no airplane ticket, you take me home
I don’t write no homesick letters, you take me home
Hang up on the operator, you take me home

Written by Craig Bickhardt and Thom Schuyler
Copyright 1987 Colgems-EMI Music (ASCAP), Screen Gems-EMI Music, Writers Group and Bethlehem Music (BMI)