Home for the Harvest CD Cvr
Home For The Harvest
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01 Steady As She Goes
02 The Way You Loved Me
03 Old Maid's Man
04 Racing The Bullet
05 Greener Past
06 Chesapeake Bay
07 I'm Sure The Rain
08 It Takes A Winding Road
09 West Of Wherever You Are
10 Home For The Harvest
11 You Take Me Home
One Light Light
""A dozen great songs...highly poetic lyrics and memorable melodies."
-Rich Warren,  WFMT's Midnight Special
Chosen as one of Rich's 14 Favorites for 2018

" me (Bickhardt) fights in the heavyweight category ...this album is pure beauty, my coup de Coeur."
-Mike Pennard, Radio ISA France, October 2018

"... a storyteller of the first rank."
- Remo Ricaldone, Lonestar Time, July 2018

"On 'Home for the Harvest', Craig Bickhardt serves up a bounty of exquisite folk-country artistry. And that’s no surprise — for decades the singer-songwriter has masterfully melded craft and heart with consummate grace, and that’s just what he does here."
- Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer
The More I Wonder CD cvr
The More I Wonder
Includes a 20 page Lyric & Photo Booklet


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Spotify and other online music outlets

01 Giant Steps
02 Crazy Nightingale Listen
03 The Restless Kind
04 It Opens
05 Stan
06 Young Hearts, Wild Horses or the Wind
07 Woman of the Mist Listen
08 Gourd Vine
09 Momentary World
10 I'll Know When You Need Me
11 There Is No Night Listen
12 Go Round
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"Craig Bickhardt is the American counterpart to Richard Thompson... stylistic, original, creative and daring." -John Apice, No Depression, July 17, 2014.

"Craig Bickhardt doesn't so much write songs as sculpt them. He creates them out of love and conscience, wisdom and whimsy, and they speak eloquently illuminating the human condition.  And they leave me feeling better about the world."
Michael Tearson, Sirius/xm Radio

Sellersville CD cvr
Live At Sellersville Theater  

Only $14.95 + shipping
Also available on itunes

01 Prayers For You
02 Even A Cowboy Can Dream
03 The Real Game Listen
04 Donald And June
05 A Day Well Spent
06 Sugarcane Street
07 Crazy Nightingale
08 Men And Rivers Listen
09 Life With The Sound Turned Down
10 If He Came Back Again
11 This Old House
12 From Galway To Graceland Listen

"...captures the reflective grace and rugged energy (Bickhardt) puts into his shows, as well as the poetic skill and disarming heart of his songwriting." - Barry Alfonso, itunes Staff Review
Brother CD cvr
Brother To The Wind
Available for download on itunes

01 Life With The Sound Turned Down Listen
02 Carrying A Dream
03 Brother To The Wind Listen
04 Even A Cowboy Can Dream
05 A Day Well Spent
06 If He Came Back Again
07 This Old House
08 Lord Franklin Listen
09 The Real Game
10 Donald And June
11 Prayers For You
12 Where In The World

"After all his years in the big time, [Bickhardt] has managed to retain that purity of spirit...refreshingly real."
- Nick Cristiano, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Nor Road Back CD cvr
No Road Back: a Retrospective
Currently unavailable for download or streaming

01 You're the Power Listen
02 You Are What Love Means To Me Listen
03 Givers and Takers
04 On God's Green Earth
05 All the Things We've Never Done Listen
06 I Will Have Lived Long Enough
07 We Will Not Pass This Way Again
08 Find Your Own Way Home
09 How Lonesome
10 Was it Youth, Was it Madness
11 Deep in the Grain
12 Untasted Honey
13 You I love
14 You Take Me Home
15 In Love and Out of Danger
16 That's How You Know Love's Right

"Bickhardt flips through the pages of life with enormous grace, creating vivid landscapes depicting themes, dreams and personal events -- each song an exquisitely crafted 'could be me' storybook journey." - Stephanie P. Ledgin, Author of Discovering Folk Music

Easy Fires CD cvr
IAMA Winner 2007
Easy Fires

Available for Streaming on Spotify Here
Available on Apple Music Here

01 Easy Fire Listen
02 The Only Way I Know
03 Sugarcane Street
04 Where I Used To Have A Heart
05 Pay Your Love On Time
06 Still The Voice Listen
07 Troubled Shores
08 One Rose
09 I Can't Turn The Tide
10 Dance With Father Time Listen
11 The Ransom
12 St. Martin's Summer

"...echoes from Laurel Canyon's singer-songwriters...his songwriting pen is dipped in the blood of his own heart."
- Johan Kronquist, Lira Musikmagasin

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