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Home for the Harvest CD Cover
Home For The Harvest
Released July 2018
Steady As She Goes
The Way You Loved Me
Old Maid's Man
Racing the Bullet
Greener Past
Chesapeake Bay
I'm Sure the Rain
It Takes a Winding Road
West of Wherever You Are
Home for the Harvest
You Take Me Home
One Little Light
The More I Wonder CD cvr
The More I Wonder
Released April 2014
Giant Steps
Crazy Nightingale
The Restless Kind
It Opens
Young Hearts, Wild Horses or the Wind
Woman of the Mist
Gourd Vine
Momentary World
I'll Know When You Need Me
There Is No Night (The More I Wonder)
Go Round
Sellersville CD cvr
Live at Sellersville Theater
Released Oct. 2011
Prayers For You
Even A Cowboy Can Dream
The Real Game
Donald And June
A Day Well Spent
Sugarcane Street
Crazy Nightingale
Men And Rivers
Life With The Sound Turned Down
If He Came Back Again
This Old House
From Galway To Graceland

Brother CD cvr
Brother to the Wind
Released March 2009
Life With The Sound Turned Down
Carrying A Dream
Brother To The Wind
Even A Cowboy Can Dream
A Day Well Spent
If He Came Back Again
This Old House
Lord Franklin
The Real Game
Donald And June
Prayers For You
Where In The World

Nor Road Back CD cvr
No Road Back: A Retrospective
Released Feb. 2010
You're the Power
You Are What Love Means To Me
Givers and Takers
On God's Green Earth
All the Things We've Never Done
I Will Have Lived Long Enough
We Will Not Pass This Way Again
Find Your Own Way Home
How Lonesome
Was it Youth, Was it Madness
Deep in the Grain
Untasted Honey
You I love
You Take Me Home
In Love and Out of Danger
That's How You Know When Love's Right

Easy Fires CD cvr
Easy Fires
Released Sept. 2001
Easy Fire
The Only Way I Know
Sugarcane Street
Where I Used To Have A Heart
Pay Your Love On Time
Still The Voice
Troubled Shores
One Rose
I Can't Turn The Tide
Dance With Father Time
The Ransom
St. Martin's Summer (instrumental)

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