Craig Bickhardt Select Songwriter Discography

Song Title (writers)
All My Life (Bickhardt, Pennig, Wilcox)
All The Things We've Never Done (Bickhardt, Pennig)
Bail Out (Bickhardt, LaBounty)
"   -
Brother To The Wind (Bickhardt, Collins)
Cadillac Red (Bickhardt, N. Judd, Jarvis)
Calling In The Wind (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher)
Can't You Hear The Whistle Blow (Bickhardt, Lille)
Caught a Touch of Your Love (Bickhardt, Keller, Best)
"   -
"   -
"   -
Child in a Barren Land (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
Crazy Nightingale (Craig Bickhardt)
"   -
Cumberland Rose (Bickhardt, Pennig)
Dance with Father Time (Craig Bickhardt)
Dancing with the Wind (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
Dime a Dance Romance (Craig Bickhardt)
Do I Dare (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher)
Donald and June (Craig Bickhardt)
Drink It In (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
Dust Ain't Settled Yet, The (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher)
Even a Cowboy Can Dream (Bickhardt, Alfonso)
"   -
Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed (Craig Bickhardt)
Father's Day (Bickhardt, Sundrud, Darling)
"   -
"   -
Finally Found a Reason (Bickhardt, Sembello, Bell, Batteau)
Follow Me (Craig Bickhardt)
Garden Wall (Bickhardt, Sundrud, Lennon, Lennon)
Giant Steps (Craig Bickhardt)
Give a Little Love to Me (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher)
Heartless Night (Bickhardt, Baillie, Bonagura)
"   -
Humility (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
I Can't Turn the Tide (Bickhardt, Baillie, Bonagura)
"   -
I Know Where I'm Going (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher) #1
I'd Move Heaven and Earth (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
If a Heart Must Be Broken (Bickhardt)
If He Came Back Again (Bickhardt, Alfonso)
If I Never See Midnight Again (Bickhardt, Schlitz)
"   -
If I Only Had Wings (Bickhardt, Hutton)
I'll Know Love (Bickhardt, Wilkinson)
I'm Falling in Love Tonight (Bickhardt, Potter, Maher)
Impossible Blue (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
In Between Dances (Bickhardt, Alfonso) #1
"   -
In Here (Bickhardt, Pennig)
In Love and Out of Danger (Bickhardt, Waldman)
I Still Love You (Bickhardt, Bell, Fries)
It Must Be Love (Bickhardt, Sundrud) #1
It Opens (Craig Bickhardt)
Keeper of the Vision (Bickhardt, Hall, Waldman)
Life with the Sound Turned Down (Bickhardt, Parker)
Light of Salvation (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
Long Gone (Bickhardt, Waldman)
Love Conquers Everything (Bickhardt, Hall, Waldman)
Many (Craig Bickhardt)
Mary and Joseph, Rejoice! (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
Never Been in Love (Craig Bickhardt)
Never Get Enough (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
Nothing I Can Do About the Rain (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
No Trouble (Bickhardt, Sundrud, Mellon)
Oh, Rosalee (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher)
Oh, Rosalee (a.k.a. Rosalee)
On God's Green Earth (Bickhardt, Schlitz)
Part of Heaven (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
"   -
Prayers For You (Craig Bickhardt)
"   -
Quicksilver (Bickhardt, LeBoeuff)
Quilt of Dreams (Bickhardt, Haselden)
So Bad (Bickhardt, Sundrud, Lennon, Lennon)
"   -
So You Say That You Saw a Star (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
Sonoma (Bickhardt, Bynner)
Stan (Bickhardt, N. Bell)
Taste For Life (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
Technique (Bickhardt, LaBounty)
That's How You Know When Love's Right (Bickhardt, Waldman)
That's The Spirit (Bickhardt, Lille)
There Is No Night (Bickhardt, MacCarthy)
"   -
This Old House (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
"   -
Thrive (Bickhardt, Sundrud, Darling)
Tired Of This (Bickhardt, Sundrud)
Tonight She's Climbing the Walls (Craig Bickhardt)
Turn it Loose (Bickhardt, Schlitz, Maher) #1
Untasted Honey (Bickhardt, Alfonso)
Unto Us a Child is Born (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
Waitin' Out the Storm (Bickhardt, Bonagura)
We Don't Talk Anymore Bickhardt, Mathews)
We Will Not Pass This Way Again (Bickhardt, Schlitz)
When Heaven's Calling You (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
"   -
Where in the World (Bickhardt, Schuyler)
Where I Used to Have a Heart (Craig Bickhardt)
"   -
"   -
Wilder Days (Bickhardt, Bonagura)
"   -
You I Love (Craig Bickhardt)
You're the Power (Bickhardt, Collins)
"   -
You've Got to Believe in Love (Bickhardt, LaBounty)

- Artist (CD), Label, Year
- David Wilcox (Underneath) Vanguard, 1999
- Martina McBride (Wild Angels) BMG, 1995
- Southern Pacific (Zuma) Warner Brothers, 1988
- Jack Mack and the Heart Attack (Jack it Up) 
- Tony Rice (Native American) Rounder, 1987
- The Judds (Love Can Build a Bridge) BMG, 1988
- The Judds (River of Time) BMG, 1989
- Michael Lille (Suitable Disguise) Self, 2006
- Diane Schuur (& Count Basie Orchestra) GRP, 1987
- Grover Washington (Strawberry Moon) Columbia, 1987
- B. B. King (Lucille And Friends) MCA, 1995
- Ray Charles (From the Pages of My Mind) Columbia, 1986
- Janis Ian (Precious Child) Warner Brothers, 1994
- Sylvia (Where in the World) Red Pony, 2002
- Jesse Terry (Forget Me Nots) Self, 2021
- Sylvia (It's All in the Family) Red Pony, 2016 
- Sylvia (Where in the World) Red Pony, 2002
- Great Plains (Homeland) Magnatone, 1996
- Jonathan Edwards (Natural Thing) MCA, 1989
- The Judds (River of Time) RCA, 1989
- Don Williams (True Love)  RCA, 1990
- Poco (All Fired Up) Drifter's Church, 2013
- Michelle Wright (New Kind Of Love)  Arista, 1990
- Trisha Yearwood (Everybody Knows- UK ed. only) MCA, 1990
- Sylvia (The Real Story) Red Pony, 1996
- Wendy Moten (Seeds Of Faith) Cedar/Extreme, 2007
- Helen Darling (Who Am I Tonight?) Little Chatterbox, 2003
- Jack Sundrud (By My Own Hand) Dogpile, 2006
- Poco (The Wildwood Sessions) Drifter's Church, 2006
- Art Garfunkel (Fate for Breakfast) Columbia, 1979
- Wendy Moten (Seeds of Purpose) Cedar/Extreme, 2007
- Venice (Spin Art) Vanguard, 1999
- Tom Hampton (Heroes and Friends) Self, 2014
- The Judds (Heartland- UK issue) RCA, 1987
- Baillie and the Boys (Baillie and the Boys) RCA, 1987
- The Forester Sisters (Perfume, Ribbons and Pearls) Warner, 1986
- Jack Sundrud (By My Own Hand) Dogpile, 2006
- Baillie and the Boys (Turn the Tide) RCA, 1990
- Baillie and the Boys (Road That Led Me to You) CDBaby, 2002
- The Judds (Heartland) RCA, 1986
- Ty Herndon (This Is Ty Herndon-The Greatest Hits) Sony, 2001
- Anne Murray (Where Do You Go When You Dream) Capitol, 1978
- The Highwaymen (Road Goes On Forever: 10th Ann.) Capitol, 2006
- Sweethearts of the Rodeo (One Time,One Night) Columbia, 1988
- Sweethearts of the Rodeo (Anthology) Renaissance, 2000
- Sylvia (Nature Child) Red Pony, 2022
- The Wilkinsons (Now and Then) Giant, 2000
- The Judds (Heartland) RCA, 1987
- Jack Sundrud (By My Own Hand) Dogpile, 2006
- Pam Tillis (Sweetheart's Dance) Arista, 1994
- Pete Wolf Band (Happy Man) Sony, 2017
- Janie Fricke (Bouncing Back) JMF, 2000
- Steve Wariner (Life's Highway) MCA, 1985
- Michael Johnson (Lifetime Guarantee) EMI, 1984
- Ty Herndon (Big Hopes) Epic, 1998
- Michael Ronstadt (Foolish Fox) Self, 2015 
- Pam Mark Hall (Keeper) Reunion, 1986
- Sylvia (Where in the World) Red Pony, 2002
- Dave Loggins, Maura O'Connell (Precious Child) Warner, 1994
- The Goldens (Rush for Gold) Capitol/SBK, 1990
- Pam Mark Hall (Keeper) Reunion, 1986
- Wendy Moten (Seeds of Purpose) Cedar/Extreme, 2007
- Michael Johnson (Precious Child) Warner Brothers, 1994
- Randy Meisner (Randy Meisner) Epic, 1982
- Poco (Running Horse) Drifter's Church, 2002
- Great Plains (Homeland) Magnatone, 1996
- Jack Sundrud (Cage) Dogpile, 2011
- Michael Johnson (That's That) RCA, 1988
- Stacy Dean Campbell (Lonesome Wins Again) Columbia, 1992
- Jonathan Edwards (The Natural Thing) MCA, 1989
- Gary Chapman and Alison Krauss (This Gift) Reunion, 1997
- Chapman & Krauss (The Way in a Manger: Comp) Resound, 1997
- Karen O'Shea (Wish) Self, n.d.
- Emily Rose (The Real Thing) Self, 2012
- Baillie and the Boys (Road That Led Me to You) CDBaby, 2002
- Janie Fricke (Bouncin' Back) JMF, 2000
- Venice (Spin Art) Vanguard, 1999
- Venice (Good Evening: A Night of Live Music) Self, 2008
- Mike Reid (Precious Child) Warner Brothers, 1994
- Sylvia (The Real Story) Red Pony, 1996
- Nathan Bell (I Don't Do This For Love...) Stone Barn, 2015
- Jack Sundrud (By My Own Hand) Dogpile, 2006
- Bill LaBounty ("At Close Range" Film Soundtrack)
- Nicolette Larson w/ Steve Wariner (Rose of My Heart) MCA, 1986
- Michael Lille (Middle Child) Self, 1996
- Jimmy MacCarthy (The Cork Festival Archives CD) n/a, n/d
- Mary Black (Sings Jimmy MacCarthy) 3u Records, 2017
- The Rice Brothers (The Rice Brothers) Rounder, 1989
- Charlie Louvin (The Sound of Days To Come) CDR, 2002
- Helen Darling (Who Am I Tonight?) Little Chatterbox, 2003
- Jack Sundrud (Cage) Dogpile, 2011
- Linda Davis (Linda Davis) Liberty, 1992
- The Judds (Heartland) BMG, 1987
- Kathy Mattea (Untasted Honey) Mercury, 1987
- Kathy Mattea (Joy For Christmas Day) Narada, 2003
- Baillie and the Boys (Baillie and the Boys) BMG, 1987
- Ian Mathews (Orphans & Outcasts) Cherry Red, 2019
- The Forester Sisters (More Than I Am) Warner Bros, 1996
- Vince Gill (Precious Child, 1994)  Warner Bros, 1994
- Sylvia (A Cradle In Bethlehem) Red Pony, 2002
- Sylvia (Where in the World) Red Pony, 2002
- Martina McBride (The Way That I Am) BMG, 1994
- Martina McBride ("Switchback" Movie Soundtrack) BMG  
- Ruud Hermans w/Ilse DeLange (Little Tear, Big Smile) MW, 1998
- Baillie and the Boys (Baillie and the Boys) RCA, 1987
- Ozark Mountain Daredevils (Modern History) n/a, 1989
- Kathy Mattea (Now and Then) Polygram Specialty, n/d
- Kathy Mattea (Walk the Way the Wind Blows) Polygram,1986
- Kathy Mattea (The Definitive Collection) Polygram, 2006
- Van Zant (Van Zant) Geffen, 1985

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